Blender Saves Empty (0 kb) File when Exporting to Collada Using SL Settings.

Problem: When using Blender to export to the Collada .dae format the resulting Export file is empty.  I’ve noticed Blender on occasion will save a 0 kb file (empty file) when exporting to Collada (.dae format.) It seems to happen most after I’ve severely modified a model I’m working on.  (If you try to upload this file to Second Life or Open Sim you will get a cryptic error message saying something about the model contains no meshes.)  This empty file problem happens when exporting to Collada format while using the default Second Life® settings.  I've found this often happens to me after adding a beveled edge to the model.  If you are watching carefully you may see an error message in Blender “Export file is empty”, "no mesh found" or something similar after you save the export file in Blender.  The messages seem to vary, perhaps due to different causes and Blender versions.  I've been told that these are not "error messages" but are informational messages so if I use the wrong terminology I apologize.

There are a couple of fixes to try listed below.

(I've been criticized for not using "proper" terminology here.  I fully admit to not being a Blender expert or even particularly knowledgeable.  These articles are just my own notes on what has worked to fix issues I've had. I put them here on my website so I can find them when I run into the problem again.  If they help someone else as well, that's great!) 
Select the Proper Object:
Open your model in Blender and go to "Object Mode" if you're not in it already.  Select all (press “a” key) to highlight your entire Object.  If it is selected an orange outline will appear around the Object perimeter. The Object selection is a toggle switch so press "a" again if your object is not highlighted.

Set Rotation & Scale:
Next, let's make sure the Rotation & Scale are correctly set.  This isn't always necessary but it won't hurt so let's just take care of it while were here.  Once again, be sure you are in "Object Mode." Now in the bottom menu of the 3d viewport select:
Object > Apply > Rotation & Scale.

Save your file.  Now try exporting to Collada again using the SL settings.  Often this simple solution will work.
If that doesn’t work you may need to rebuild the Blender ".blend" file.  Rather than rewriting the instructions on how to do that, please see the instructions on the article on Blender crashing on Collada Export.  That article goes through the process of rebuilding the .blend file.

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