Attractive Mesh Signs for Second Life and OpenSim Kitely

Attractive Classic Wood Grain Signs
3D Mesh

Pole Version

Both pole mounted or wall mounted versions.  For use in the Second Life and OpenSim virtual world games.  (They are computer simulations, not real life signs.)
Lots of different sign messages to choose from.
Wood Grain Texture with Normal Map. 
Stretch to desired size. 
100% Mesh. 
1 Prim, less than 1 Land Impact.
Available from:
Second Life Marketplace for Second Life
Kitely Marketplace (Exportable to OpenSim)

Second Life Scripting: Using the Debug Channel to Find Script Errors

Debugging Messages in LSL Scripts

Script Alert Symbol floating over an Object in Second Life
Ever noticed this little icon in Second Life®, floating above an object?  Often it disappears after a short time.  This is the Script Alert Symbol.  It consists of a paper sheet, a yellow triangle, and an exclamation mark.  It means that a script inside the object has sent a debug or error message.  Clicking on the icon will cause the error message to be displayed in a window.
The Script Alert Symbol is displayed anytime a script causes an error message on the DEBUG_CHANNEL.  This can be a very useful tool when writing scripts.  Continue reading for how to turn on/off these  error messages, and how to make use of this feature for debugging your own scripts.

Script to Add, Change, or Delete Floating Text over Object

Second Life LSL Script to Modify Hovering Text using llSetText with Full Detailed Instructions for Non-Scriptwriters.

This is a simple script for changing the floating text (sometimes called hover text)  above a prim object in Second Life.  The script uses the standard Second Life LSL scripting language function llSetText.