New Second Life Teleporter Function: llSetRegionPos

Older warpPos & posJump based teleporters may stop working someday

At the end of January 2012 a huge change came for regional short range teleporters in Second Life®. That’s when Linden Lab® (LL) rolled out the new function called llSetRegionPos. Most people probably don’t even know about this change, but it is likely that almost everyone who has Second Life property with a teleporter will be impacted by it. If you have a teleporter, and it suddenly failed or is not working correctly, keep reading.

Previously there wasn’t a legitimate scripting function for teleporting- a function for moving avatars from one place to another. Landmarks could be used to teleport, but they are pretty slow and require opening a menu, selecting a location, clicking a confirmation, then waiting while that slow progress screen graphic slowly counts up to 100%. Not practical at all for things like jumping a short distance to the second floor of your Second Life home. But Second Lifers are a creative bunch, so it didn’t take long for them to come up with “exploits” that would allow fast, short distance teleporting. These exploits use bugs or design flaws to make a function do something that it was not intended to do. In this case, they used them to create a teleporter. The most common of these exploits are usually called “warpPos”, “posJump”, and “safe_posJump”.

Now that Linden Lab has created and rolled out the new llSetRegionPos function the question is what will happen with the old exploit functions? All along they have been labeled as bugs, however they have not been fixed because to do so would take away teleporters from Second Life, and it is pretty clear that teleporters are a popular feature with members. But now that there is an alternative function that can be used in teleporters it seems reasonable that LL will begin to fix those bugs. Sure enough, starting in December there have been scattered reports of teleporters that use posJump malfunctioning. Shortly after the roll out of llSetRegionPos I noticed that my posJump teleporters began having problems. It appears that posJump is already at least partially broken in some situations. Since the warpPos exploit utilizes a lot of server resources I would not be surprised to see LL making changes to prevent it from being used in the near future.

So what does it all mean for you? If you have a teleporter you may want to think about upgrading the script in it to use the new llSetRegionPos function. That’s what I have done with mine, and they work better and faster than ever now. If you aren’t into scripting see if the maker of your teleporters has an upgrade available. If they don’t, you may want to start looking for new teleporters to replace yours if they should stop working. In the meantime, make sure you have a landmark or another method to get to places you normally teleport to! It would be a real mess if you had a skybox workshop and no way to get to it!

So obviously the purpose of this article is to get you to check out, and hopefully buy, my teleporter. I hope you will at least take a look at it It’s full featured, very fast, uses the new llSetRegionPos function, rotates the avatar to face the direction you want after teleporting, is extremely efficient (produces almost no additional lag), has copy & modify permissions (buy 1 and make as many copies for your own use as you need,) and best of all, it is very inexpensive. There are lots of features found on the best teleporters, sound, text messages to the user, alpha transparency during teleport, avatar animation during teleport , and more. Here’s a link:

Teleporter with Rotation Full Version at Second Life Marketplace™

There is also a stripped down version of this teleporter for super-fast short distance teleports in SL homes. It is much less expensive, but has most of the “features” of the full version stripped out. On the other hand it is optimized for speed and easily give teleports between rooms or floor in a house in less than 1 second! That is blindingly fast! 

Teleporter with Rotation Home Version.

Finally if you want to make your own really basic teleporter there is a script on this website for one that uses llSetRegionPos or you can get the script for $1L on the Marketplace. This is not the same script my teleporters use! 

Teleporter Script on Marketplace.