Ready-Made One-Way Glass Panels for Second Life®

One-Way Glass added to a Premium Linden Home

This is the One-way Glass Panel Collection from Leaf Illusion for use in the Second Life virtual world game. It consists of 42 panels, 6 exterior opaque colors, 7 interior tints. While it is relatively easy to make 1-way glass, it does take some time and effort to get it to look good!  This package of one-way glass panels helps you by-pass that trial and error stuff of fiddling with transparency settings, colors, shininess settings, glow settings, and working with selecting faces. (The first time you lose 20 minutes worth of work by selecting the wrong face you will understand.) This package is meant to save you all that time by giving you pre-built panels you can put in place like they were furniture.

This glass is NOT for your real-life home:  Just a quick reminder that these aren’t real windows for use in your real-world home!  People keep writing me wanting these for their real-world homes.  These windows are for a computer simulated world called Second Life where you can build virtual 3D objects like homes, towns, etc.  These windows are a simulation on a computer.  I wish I did have the technology to make a real-world window like these.  I’d be rich!!!
You just drag the panels from inventory, move them into place, and stretch them to fit.  The beauty of this package is it will save you a lot of time and experimentation!  We also provide Instructions for how to retrofit these panels onto an existing Second Life home.

Black 1-way glass installed on a Linden Home Chalet

A One-Way Glass Panel is placed behind the bar as a partition to divide this long, narrow room.  Also notice the black 1-way glass on the balcony railing above.

The same One-Way Glass Partition from behind. The glass transparency gives the living room area on this side a more “open” feeling.

Balcony railing topped with one way glass.  Topping the railing with one-way glass gives privacy from the front windows of the cabin, but doesn’t make the loft feel confined.

1-Way Glass Exterior Appearance Samples:

Note: All exteriors have 0% transparency and act like walls, you can not see through them.  Like all walls in SL you can, of course, move your camera through them to see what’s inside.

Exterior Black Opaque

Exterior Silver Mirror

Exterior Gold Mirror Finish

Exterior Bronze Opaque Finish

Exterior Blue Opaque Finish

Exterior Green Opaque Finish

1-Way Glass Interior Appearance Samples:

Note: Transparency varies depending on the tint.

Interior Clear – No Tint

Interior Black Tint

Interior Vampire Black Tint – Very Dark!

Interior Bronze Tint

Interior Gold Tint

Interior Blue Tint

Interior Green Tint