Second Life Mesh Upload Error: Material of model is not a subset of reference model

How to fix the Second Life Upload Model window error message “Error: Material of model is not a subset of reference model”.  

This error message results when the material (or face) names used in different LOD models of the same 3D object  are not identical.  

Following is a quick guide on how to fix this problem.

To fix it the error you must exit Second Life and go back and revise your models in Blender (or whatever 3D modeling software you are using.)  Specifically, the names of the “materials” (called “faces” when imported into Second Life) used in Blender are not identical in each of the LOD files, so Second Life is protesting when you try to import the models.  

The material names must be identical in each LOD model, including the letter case (capitalization) and any spaces between words.  So “Material 1” is not the same thing as “material 1” because the second variation uses a lower case "m" rather than an uppercase.  Likewise, if one of your material names were to accidentally have 2 spaces between “material” and “1” while the others have only 1 space, it would again result in this error.  

To correct the problem you need to go back to blender, open each of the models you created for the various LODs, and make sure the material names you used are identical in each file. 

Again, the material names used in each of the LOD models must be exact matches!

Here’s a screen shot of the Blender materials Properties editing panel where the Materials are shown.  Click the Materials icon to see and edit the material names.

When using different models for high, medium, low and lowest LOD the material names used in Blender for each of the models must match exactly, including letter case.

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