About Leaf Illusion

My hobby is creating things (like lights, buildings, teleporters,etc.) and writing scripts for the Second Life and Kitley / OpenSim virtual games.  These games feature virtual "worlds" created by people from around the world, some astoundingly beautiful, and to be honest, some are a bit disturbing!  This website is where I write and share anything I feel I would like to share or say about these games.  That's a bit of a broad statement of purpose I realize, but I just want to leave it open for whatever the mood strikes me to post.

Who are Leaf Illusion, TenBuckToo, and/or Jesse Newport?

Leaf Illusion, TenBuckToo, and Jesse Newport are store names, but do to the way these games work they are also avatars.  Each name represents a different store and product emphasis.  In these games products are linked to the specific avatar that was used to create them.  Thus each store also has an avatar of the same name to "manage" it.

The Leaf Illusion name over time took on a virtual "life" of it's own as I used "Leaf" to answer product questions and promote products.  As a result many people in Second Life and Kitely are familiar with "Leaf" and I now often use that avatar in both games.  Since the name had recognition value I started blogging under that name and thus this website also uses that name.  So while a sighting of TenBuckToo or Jesse Newport is rare outside of sandboxes or the testing grid, you may well see Leaf exploring a sim or hanging around enjoying music and friendly conversation in Second Life or Kitely.  Feel free to say "hello."

If you want to contact me by Instant Message (IM) in-world at either Second Life or Kitely please send an IM to Leaf Illusion, i use that name in both games.   Remember IMs are not 100% reliable so you may need to try several times if I am not online. To contact me by more reliable email use LeafIllusionStore@gmail.com